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Moth Away All Natural Herbal Moth Repellent - Non Toxic - Standard Sachets

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Get rid of moths without having to smell those hardcore scents that give you headaches! Moth Away is 100% Non Toxic as its made of an All Natural Herbal Formula!

Use Moth Away in all types of enclosed storage units where you store your clothes, such as: Drawers, Garment Bags, Storage Chests, Linen Closets, Blanket Bags, Wardrobes, & More!

Moth Away is not deisgned for use in open air spaces such as Shelves and Closets.

Directions for use:
Apply Moth Away at the rate of 4 grams per cubic foot of storage space. Two of the enclosed sachets of 2 grams is good for a container of 1 cubic foot.

Before storing for the first time, always dry clean articles to ensure there are no moth larva present in the fibers. An occasional squeeze of the sachet will renew the fresh minty scent. Moth Away should be replaced every few monthsm, or once the herbal aroma weakens.

Disposal: When sachets are finished, place in a plastic bag and dispose of in trash can.

Keep out of reach of children.