How do I modify an order once it was places? 

Orders cannot be modified once they have been submitted. If you wish to discuss this situation with one of our representatives, you may contact Customer Service at (732) 943-7137 any time Monday-Thursday 9am to 4pm EST, and Friday 9am to 12pm EST. You can also contact us HERE

What does Waloo Products 1 Year Limited Warranty Cover?

Waloo's 1 Year Limited Warranty protects against defects in workmanship and materials. For more information, please visit our Warranty Page

How do I file a Warranty Claim?

To file a warranty claim, please visit our Warranty Page. There is Three (3) steps to the form. 

Step 1: Filling out the form with all information (Name, Product, Purchased From, etc.)

Step 2: Images

Step 3: Please purchase the warranty shipping and handling charge that can also be found on the Warranty Page.

My Phone/Watch was damaged while using a Waloo product. Will Waloo replace it? 

Sorry to hear your Phone/Watch was damaged while using our product. We try our hardest to design cases that don't only look nice, but protect the device at the same time. We can't guarantee that our products will prevent any damage from happening. 

Our Warranty covers any defects in workmanship and materials, not personal devices. Waloo is not liable for any damages or destruction to personal devices or personal products. 

Includes, but not limited to Phones, Watches, Tablets, and any loss of information that was in the device.