Waloo Pets Double Dog Bungee Dog Leash

  • $ 14.99

Waloo Pets Double Dog Bungee Dog Leash

THE BUNGEES: Walking 2 dogs at once requires counteracting strong forces from our loving, playful dogs. Why not let our comfort-action bungee do some of that work for you? Physical therapists recommend Our Leash for its unique formula of strength and flexibility. This feature reduces unneeded stress to the wrist, elbow, shoulder, and neck. In addition you will love the energy you save.

Enjoy the peace of mind of our heavy duty tangle-free swivel leash attachment. You will never have to worry about your dogs getting tangled.

As with all Our products, Double Dog Bungee Leash is made with highest quality material including weather-proof nylon and durable hardware to ensure its use for years to come.

Works for dogs of all sizes. Dogs from 30-100lbs will best enjoy the elongation feature of the comfort-action bungee.

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